Thursday, 9 December 2010

Country Lads in London town.

Brick Lane Upmarket, London.
28th November 2010

After an extremely hairy journey in the snow,we made it to London town to sell our wares!
Happy with the way everything had been set up, we began our adventure into the world of trading in a market environment.
So many lovely comments were given about our creation
s which we were ever so touched by and our cards were picked up a plenty.
We met some absolutely marvellous people which made our day extremely memorable.
One person who we were very happy to meet was the lovely
Fernanda Montoro.

Her beautiful Polaroid Photographs really made our day more colourful. She was so complimentary about our work an
d the stall it was so encouraging and lovely. As we were chatting throughout the day, she offered to do a swap with Jim.

One of Fernanda's prints,in exchange for an item from Jim's collection. The result was a floral and lace necklace was given to Fernanda from Jimmy and in return Jimmy picked out a wonderful print.

This was the image that Jimmy received in the exchange.

Fernanda has mentioned that this particular image had been taken in her parent's garden back at home in Uruguay.
Jimmy feels so lucky to have one of these limited prints between his paws.